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Jin Mo Shares: build the best listed companies in China Molybdenum Industry

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The world's largest, has a complete industrial chain of the largest professional manufacturer of molybdenum --- Jinduicheng Molybdenum Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Gold and Molybdenum shares (shares love, quotes, information)) initial public offering of 538 million A shares shares gain Success. April 17, Gold and Molybdenum shares listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange. This marks the official visit of gold shares A shares of molybdenum, and at a new starting point, with their own heritage and the advantages of vigorous stock market Generous financial support, to build a China Molybdenum best listed companies. Advantage of the fifty-thick accumulation of experience that forceful Founded in 1958 by Jinduicheng Molybdenum Mine was originally modeled by the Gold and Molybdenum Molybdenum Group, initiated the establishment of the gold shares, after half a century of development and growth, accumulation of resources, the industrial chain, research and brand advantages, load from Mo leader of China, "pupa into a butterfly," moving to the capital markets and seek better and faster development of hope and responsibility. Industry-leading position and outstanding business performance As the largest professional manufacturer of molybdenum, gold shares are mainly engaged in molybdenum product molybdenum production, processing, trade, scientific research, business, production of molybdenum charge, molybdenum chemicals and molybdenum metal three categories of products. Molybdenum concentrate production in 2006 Volume of 3 million tons, accounting for about 30% of total output, including molybdenum and molybdenum products, chemical products, charging both ranked first in the production of molybdenum metal products production ranks second in the country. Advantage of the leading industrial scale, the company has a scale Economic benefits for many years to create a good operating results. 2004 to 2006, the main business revenue and net profit CAGR of 19.5%, respectively, and 16.7% in net profit margin among the domestic counterparts. The first three quarters of 2007 sales revenue of 4.327 billion yuan, net profit of 2.332 billion yuan, 73.39% net return on assets, profitability is very prominent. Meanwhile, the "unit of the International Molybdenum Association executive director" and "China Nonferrous Metals Molybdenum Industry Association branch president of the unit "in the title, fully embodies the gold molybdenum molybdenum industry leaders share the identity and status. Unique molybdenum ore resources Molybdenum is an important strategic non-renewable resource, as a rare metal, mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, defense, electronics, aerospace and other fields, especially in iron and steel smelting is important to add a hard to replace Agents, can increase the strength of steel, hardness and toughness, to enhance its high temperature, corrosion resistance, a high price. Jin Mo shares owned Jinduicheng molybdenum, is the world's largest open-pit mining of molybdenum ore. Abundant, concentrated deposits, shallow buried layer, high quality, low impurity, easy to adopt, easy to choose, easy mixing, especially in the molybdenum Processing has a unique advantage. Up to now, to maintain Jinduicheng molybdenum ore reserves of about 8 million tons, about 780,000 tons of molybdenum metal. According to the current scale mining and mineral resources service life of up to 60 years. Meanwhile, gold heap City of deposit also contains sulfur, copper, iron, rhenium, cobalt, titanium and other elements of considerable value in comprehensive recycling. Mineral resources are non renewable. In recent years, Jin Mo share from the development of circular economy and to create "a hundred years old," the high degree of departure, through the South open pit mining, heap of gold around the molybdenum exploration and investment in additional merger Henan Yu Yang molybdenum mine and other ways to extend the mine life, looking, possession, control of a new molybdenum ore resources, the establishment of a long-term, stable and rich in resources reserve protection. Needed for the production of molybdenum ore self-sufficiency rate of 100%, no doubt a gold Molybdenum is a major highlight of equity investments. Hua county in Shaanxi mine location Jinduicheng awarded by China Mining Association, "China's molybdenum industry" title. A complete industrial chain integration We must first look for a job seeking strategy. Jin Mo share from the adjustment of product structure, extend the industrial chain, to enhance the level of industrial technology, and enhance core competitiveness of the high degree of departure, the introduction and implementation of the "molybdenum industry vertical integration" development Strategy, achieved by the mining enterprise to processing enterprises, resource-dependent enterprises of technological innovation-oriented enterprises to the fundamental transformation to become the world's largest, is also rare in the industry has a molybdenum mining, mineral processing, roasting, molybdenum of Molybdenum metal processing workers and a complete integration of upstream and downstream industry chain professional manufacturer of molybdenum. First through the mining, roasting, roasting molybdenum concentrates produced; then its further processing into molybdenum, ammonium molybdate and other products for downstream Health Provide sufficient raw material production; molybdenum processing has become a high technology, high value-added extension products, the production of molybdenum metal products to more than 20. In 2006, the company produces all kinds of metal molybdenum product molybdenum equivalent of about 13,000 tons, accounting for 7% of global production; which molybdenum powder, baking, roasting molybdenum block, iron, molybdenum product molybdenum charge of about 20,000 tons (physical quantity ), accounting for Global Burden of molybdenum 6% of product output; molybdate, molybdenum disulfide, sodium molybdate about 6,000 tons of molybdenum chemical products (physical quantity), molybdenum chemical products accounting for about 12%; molybdenum powder, molybdenum slab, molybdenum wire molybdenum and other metal products about 2,500 tons (physical quantity), about the global production of molybdenum metal products 12%. Currently, we have advanced molybdenum chemicals and molybdenum metal processing production line, with large-scale production capacity. Companies to invest 20 billion yuan, will build the domestic Leading, world-class, with a maximum capacity of molybdenum metal and refractory metal industry, academia and research base. With the integration of a complete industrial chain, Gold and Molybdenum shares have the economies of scale, reduce operating costs at the same time, either through business Molybdenum Mining Molybdenum prices to enjoy the additional benefits, but also Relatively stable through molybdenum chemicals and molybdenum metal business protection to maximize profitability. In addition, the company is more complete product portfolio of molybdenum in the multi-level and can meet different customer needs, the company established a stable customer Client group has laid a solid foundation. World-class brand JDC Shares of gold production of JDC Molybdenum Mo 80% of products across the seas brand, exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, South Africa, Australia and other countries and regions. With excellent products and quality services, JDC brands, including many of the world The minds of customers, including Fortune 500 companies enjoy a high reputation.

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