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Zhu Leader: Mo is expected to increase industry concentration

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Investment Highlights: To regulate the molybdenum industry management, optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a "Call for molybdenum on the open access conditions for the industry views the notice." State Ministry of Industry in February 9, 2010 issued a draft of molybdenum industry access standards. The draft for the molybdenum mine production scale industries and enterprises, recycling utilization, technology standards, emissions standards, and production Security and other aspects of the qualification. Scale: the standards for open-air Mining and mineral production capacity shall not be less than the daily ore processing capacity 10,000 tons; pit mining mining beneficiation comprehensive capacity not less than daily ore processing capacity of 5,000 tons. Smelting enterprises (including the new , Renovation and expansion project) technical grade molybdenum oxide (molybdenum containing not less than 51%) of annual production capacity of not less than 5,000 tons of molybdenum (Mo containing not less than 60%) of annual production capacity of not less than 5,000 tons. Also notice the mining companies also mine Made a further three rate clear. Ministry of Industry and the molybdenum industry access standards in all aspects of the enterprise was limited. Mo for the entire industry, which still have the greatest impact of the mine and process the limited scale of production. Was inclined to support large-scale standard And the very large producer of molybdenum, molybdenum for the small manufacturer, its future development will be limited. Future, the molybdenum industry in China is expected to further increase the degree of concentration, while large enterprises will benefit from the molybdenum The implementation of access standards for the industry. Tungsten, molybdenum and rare earth, just as China has the resources of the few non-ferrous metals, the annual output of China in 2008 reached 8 million tons, accounting for 40% of the world. But industry and the rare earth industry in China, like molybdenum There is also a large number of small mines disorderly exploitation of the phenomenon, the implementation of this standard will enable Mo to the advantage of mineral resources company focused on gradually, will help improve China's right to speak Duiyu molybdenum prices, the industry's profitability is expected to Zhu Further improved. Proposes a focus on China's industry leading Gold and Molybdenum Molybdenum shares, the other is about to transition to an integrated multi-metal mining companies WHWH also deserves attention.

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