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In colour atlas is round: Cooperative area appears on Zambia - specification of

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On September 25, 2008, cooperative area entered the trade of Zambia China economy that investment of limited company of group of Chinese coloured mining industry builds China is stationed in Zambia embassy to be in business the Zambia that manages an organization - specification of commerce of Chinese Hunan investment is met, made key speech on the meeting, dominant position of environment of the detailed program that introduced cooperative area, policy, investment and action business serve, greeting Hunan enterprise and Zambia place company will cooperate the area invests, contribute force to achieve the distant view goal of Zambia country jointly.
China is stationed in Zambia ambassador Li Jiang civilian, commercial counsellor king is friendly; Office of hall of Hunan Province business affairs grows Xiang Li strength, deputy office grows Luo Xinguo; Mudadi of minister of easy department of Zambia labour trade, industry manages the director surpasses Yakalinjia, develop lukewarm emperor of strange cloth of arrange total a secretary in charge of sth, chairman of Zambia China chamber of commerce gets stuck Bulandi; The country such as Japan, Germany, India is stationed in enterprise of chamber of commerce of China of delegacy of assist embassy officer and Chinese Hunan entrepreneur, Zambia and place to represent in all 50 much people attended a specification to meet. The specification can be chaired by Wang You counsellor.

The specification is met on, grew to introduce Hunan Province economy to develop circumstance and investment climate to personnel attending the meeting to power power office, basically invested project and advantage project to do a key to recommend external with respect to Hunan Province, represent expression of company of business of Hunan Province part to go out in Zambia the area cooperates via trade outside the first situation that China creates in Africa especially - the strong desire that area of collaboration of trade of Zambia China classics invests.

Mu Dadi's minister welcomes Hunan entrepreneur delegacy ardently, special in the speech mention him to attended China this year in September (Xiamen) international investment commerce negotiates government of Zambia of the delegate when the meeting and Chinese coloured group sign " investment of area of collaboration of commerce of Zambia China economy is promoted with protective agreement " . He is glad that the ground points out, two week hind see delegacy of Chinese Hunan entrepreneur makes an on-the-spot investigation to Zambia again, pace of collaboration of trade of classics of two countries of the assist in the proof is faster and faster. Zambia does not move arrowy annals the ground creates favorable investment climate for foreign investor, attract foreign investment through increasing, cooperate especially the construction of the area, create more obtain employment for Zambia people, society of stimulative Zambia economy develops, implementation achieved the country of medium income level to develop a target 2030.
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