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Boom of industry of nonferrous metal estate is low confuse attention two kinds o

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Sign up for a message according to Shanghai negotiable securities (Zhao Chun of message of the negotiable securities that enrol business) financial crisis brings about global resource demand to glide, after second debt crisis erupts, the whole world entered a new financial era, the process is here medium, credit crisis, money is current speed glides wait for the tension that caused market capital money market, financing difficulty becomes the hurried with current banking immediate crisis to send a drop. The economic dilate means of the sort of small fund cost will stop early days, the whole world will is faced with deflationary the menace with economic depression, and the international money status of the dollar also will be challenged, the United States will be faced with the menace that deflationary, dollar depreciates to glide with consumption.

Glide and produce as demand can release, four quarters still are faced with nonferrous metal price pressure, coloured old cycle sees the top is relatively apparent already, we think, short-term inside resource investment opportunity still did not come, but deep treatment company already had long-term investment value, the developed country below crisis of transition of course of study of about to give birth of area of deep treatment business, banking exports the opportunity that relax to our country technology, although short-term inside suffer inventory metal stuff to cheapen influence, but this does not have not not be the opportunity that buys.

Four quarters still can pay close attention to the investment opportunity of two kinds of companies: One kind is deep treatment company, recommend Xiamen tungsten course of study strongly; Another kind is related to hypostatic economy not quite or the rare metal that our country has conformity of price ability, industry to show result ceaselessly, be like gold, medium heavy rare native, tungsten.

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